The candle for Reiki (6 boxes)


It is a candle that protects Reiki healing treatments, various meditations(Hatsureiho). In addition to warming the hands, it is used to reset "Hibiki" when the hands feel uncomfortable after the treatment. Made from 100% natural materials without petroleum wax, these candles are great for your hands.

Size: Diameter 6 cm Total length 10.5 cm
Gross weight: Approximately 350g
Burning time: About 50 hours
Material: Soy wax, Beeswax, Jute, Bamboo Charcoal, Natural essential oil (The scent of Mt. Kurama)
Made in Japan

* A usage guide and password of symbol origin course are attached.
* Recommended for level 2-3   21-day training (spiritual method= Hatsureiho).

Also, this paulownia box made by Japanese craftsmen is perfect for use in the "Reiki Box Method".