Package of Symbol origin


"The candle for Reiki" is the 1st phase of the Symbol Origins course.
The 1st stage is the process of making various discoveries by lighting a candle (turning off the electric light) and practicing the "spiritual method (Hatsureiho)" learned in Level 2. At the same time, it is also a tool for alleviating the discomfort and fear that arises during the procedure.

"Package of Symbol origin" is the 2nd phase of the Symbol Origins course.
The 2nd stage is a set of "yorishiro" = a candle to invite a divine being and a text to learn the origin of the symbol. It is a process of gaining a reborn experience by using this material in the "Breath exchange method" learned in level 3.
In the text, you will learn how the ancient Japanese treated symbols. This knowledge shows its true value for the first time when it is combined with Reiki. You will realize that the Reiki you have learned has even more power and potential.

If you don't know the Hatsureiho or Breath exchange method, these materials will never go to waste. Any meditation can use the first stage candle, the second stage candle is still inviting the Divine Presence. For this reason, they are open to the public as teaching materials that can be used regardless of school.

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