Original reprint of “Must-have for Reiki therapy”


A reprint of a must-have book that was used when Founder Usui was alive. It also covers gynecological diseases such as sickness, pediatric diseases, nervous system diseases, digestive organs, circulatory organs, blood, urinary organs, surgery such as dislocation and drowning, skin diseases, and infectious diseases such as malaria and cholera.

This is the valuable material that allows you to confirm the words of Founder Usui himself.

  1. Usui Reiki Therapy Doctrine Five Precepts
  2. public instruction explanation
  3. therapy guidelines
  4. waka poems by Emperor Meiji

Title "Must-have for Reiki therapy"
Publisher Therapy Salon Aria
Size A6 size
Number of pages 26 pages
Issue date January 19, 2017